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Foot Fetishism or Shoe Fetishist

Posted by Ms_Isabella_Coupe on Tue 6 Mar 2012 to FemDom_forum

I'm just researching about Feet (yes cute parts of the body you could not be without, which makes sense to me as to why there is Foot Worship) Footjob, Reflexology, Foot Fetish that is complimentary be in naked flesh or pantyhose & stocking covered.

High Heels (2-4-6-8), Thigh Boots, Calf Boots, Knee Boots, Ridding Boots, Ankle Boots, Low Heels, Ballet Shoes there are many types of shoes, and oddly enough I have three questions in total to ask you Lady Mistresses, if you would be kind enough to aswer such questions below.

Q1. It makes sense for me, to acknowledge that firstly Ms.Abernathys teaching of all whom are submissives they are ment to give a ladys the right to relax there feet, and be pampered more so to the official International Womans Day, that is to gain a sexy foot worshiping ritual by bathing, massage, kissing, suckling on toes as the full works of erotic pampering and pedicuring there feet as of foot worship on International Womans Day, Does this sound Appealing?...

Q2. I presume you do have large shoe racks (as seen with some mistresses) As being a Lady Mistress, Domina with a Foot Fetish of shoes, Who cleans all your Shoes?, as if you don't clean them they won't last decades and thats a waste of money, therefore who cleans, polishes all your shoes so they sparkle?... How often?...

Q3. Do Mistresses replace the Shoe completely, or does she replace the Heel and Sole of the shoe aswell as buy another pair of shoes?...



;"" MEOW ""; I'm a little felinetom with Nothing too lose, Everything too gain as Something is better than Nothing!