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Sunday WAC hosted by........

Posted by A_Zebra_Called_Dave on Sun 12 Feb 2012 to A_Zebra_Called_Dave

It was a cold morning, the kind of cold that snaps steel.

I pushed open the door of the WAC diner and went in. From a radio behind the counter Ella was caressing Cry Me a River. The joint was empty. Glancing up at the clock, I see it's 6.27 in the a.m.. Only milkmen and the guilty are up and about this early.

The aroma of breakfast hung heavy in the air, like an eastside smog on a still day.

I called to the dame behind the counter, "Hey, Dolores, two eggs, easy over and some hash browns when you're ready"

Dolores smiled, "Sure thing, sweetheart, coming right up. But don't forget I'm just a figment of your imagination."

"With a figment like yours, Dolores, who needs reality."

During the night a rug had been laid in my mouth. I needed a stiff drink like a puddle needs a pavement. I tossed some ice in a glass, screwed the top off the bottle and poured three fingers of Vimto over the rocks.

I Zippoed a Lucky Strike and watched the door.

Settling onto the green leather chair, I put my feet on the desk, pulled the brim of the hat down over my eyes and waited.

Spots are so last year.

You can lead a horse to water, but a watched kettle is a joy forever.

Reply by MissAnnThropist on Sun 12 Feb 2012

Awesome start to the WAC thread there :)

I've started the morning off by (very quietly) learning the chords to Jilted John by Jilted John - somewhat inspired by the nasty situation I need to handle later today.

I'm planning an anti-valentine's day set for my next open mic session so shall spend the rest of this morning singing da blues. No bourbon or scotch on the go here so I shalln't be quite emulating John Lee Hooker.

Just to be slightly at odds with that, I'm also going to dig out my inlines and go stealth skating whilst the neighbours are still in bed (no mo fo is gonna see me fall over).

Hope you all have a happy Sunday.

I want to hold you close / Skin pressed against me tight

Lie still, and close your eyes, girl / So lovely, it feels so right

I want to hold you close / Soft breasts, beating heart

As I whisper in your ear / I want to f*cking tear you apart

Reply by andrewsean on Sun 12 Feb 2012

Morning and happy sunday all, dippy eggs and toastie soldiers this morning as it is the weekend, Mistress is still asleep and snuggled under the duvet so i'll just watch telly and wander around the interwebby thing till she wakes up.

Have a great day all xxx


Reply by Outre2 on Sun 12 Feb 2012

Morning all..

Brilliant introduction this morning to the diner Dave; you in for maple syrup on those eggs?

Well by demand today I will be cooking pheasants followed by sticky chocolate pudding. The grandchildren want ice cream with chocolate sauce so looks like a busy one and no doubt a trip to the 'trose.

Have a super Sunday everyone.

Sic itur ad astra

Reply by carenza_lionheart on Sun 12 Feb 2012


Dave, you rock like a rocky thing.

Woken on the FSSC morning with a dicky tummy. I reckon you must be able to hear it all around WACland. Fingers crossed it will settle in the next few hours.

I went out last night, to vanilla places and it was good. Bloody cold, but good. I shall be doing more of this.

Stay warm and happy - with any luck I will see some of you later.

The one who claims to be innocent - who wants to test the claim?

Reply by Shypeachybottom on Sun 12 Feb 2012

A_Zebra_Called_Dave wrote:
I pushed open the door of the WAC diner and went in. From a radio behind the counter Ella was caressing Cry Me a River.

Oooo, lovely :) Again please?

It's grey and dank and yucky out, what the Scots call 'dreech'. Yeuch yeuch yeuch!

Wish I were still toastie warm in bed under the duvet... might go back for a wee bit and be decadent :-D

Having a session with my trainer today, which I am looking forward to. My mind feels too busy today, so will be good to just focus on pushing myself physically :)

Hugs to all who want or need one

Hope FSCS goes well today for all organising and attending

And have a nice day :)

There's a somebody I'm longing to see, I hope that he turns out to be, someone to watch over me

I'm a little lamb who's lost in the wood, I know I could always be good, to one who'll watch over me (Ella Fitzgerald, singing George Gershwin)

Reply by calmhands on Sun 12 Feb 2012

Morning all, great intro to the WAC @Davethezebra :-)

Awake bright and early and happily waiting to welcome a new baby in to the family, my neice is in labour.

@Outre2 lunch sounds delicious!

Having been a good girl yesterday and done all the housework and washing, I think a lazy day is in order, to the pub for lunch then more waiting for the new person.

Have a lovely Sunday.

ch x

ETA - Good luck to the FSC guys today, have a great time.

Don't wait for the storm to pass, learn to dance in the rain

Reply by Rosie_SBT on Sun 12 Feb 2012

That is one cool zebra!

Here, we are also cool - though that is mainly cos They always sleep with Their bedroom window open =-o but the fanny heater is on now, and it will soon get nice and snuggly :-)

Some more white stuff has landed, not much, but gives the paws something to crunch. Now just need brekkie to crunch.

wags to all :-)

I may be collared, but I'm my own Bitch!

Reply by angellover on Sun 12 Feb 2012

Morning all.

Welcome to the WAC @Davethezebra

@Outre2 lunch sounds delicious, I'll be eating something at the LFF where I am off to shortly. I just have to decide what to wear, rubber or a basque because I so don't want to be cold all day.

We still have snow on the ground locally so I hope the roads are ok, they should be I'm sure.

I hope you all have a great day, stay safe and be happy. If you coming to the LFF please come over and say hello.

angellover :)

The highest fences we have to climb, are those we have built within our mind

Reply by geoff917 on Sun 12 Feb 2012

MORNIN, that was soooo cool Dave!

Eggs easy over for me please, and tea?(are we allowed tea in this ere Yankee diner of yours??):)

"In order to finish first, you must first finish".....Roger Penske

Reply by Minxxey on Sun 12 Feb 2012

Mornings awake just hope everyone has a luvly day xxxx

Xx :-D :-D :-D People should smile more :-D :-D :-D xX

Reply by The_Third_Policeman on Sun 12 Feb 2012

Good morning, everybody.

A few mugsa and then I'm off to the frozen wilderness to hit the wee white things into frost encrusted thorny things. It'll be all temporary greens and madly unpredictable bounces off the frozen ground.

Have a grand day, one and all.:)

"Me and Kevin, we're just not the same"

Women are from Reigate, men are from Reigate. Not all of them of course, that would be silly, some are from Pimlico, or Cleethorpes, or that little village in Derbyshire whose name eludes me, or Bridlington, or Weston Super Mare, or Clac....

Reply by flamesdesire on Sun 12 Feb 2012

Morning all,

Cool opening to WACland Mr Zebra ;-)

Reckon we should all pile round to future's for lunch though....sounds divine.

Plans today????? Ummm dunno yet, will decide once I'm out of my pit, too snuggly and warm to move just yet....lazy day though me thinks.

Fab day with my mum and nan yesterday.

Have a super day all.


"Take me from this earth an endless night- this, the end of life. From the dark I feel your lips and taste your bloody kiss."

Reply by angelicvixen_MH on Sun 12 Feb 2012

Morning all.

Wow @zebra, lovely opening to the last day of the weekend.

@angellover hope you have a good day with your goodies at the LFF and all that is going to the FSSC, have a fab day.

Yesterday my hubby took me out and bought me a lovely diamond wedding and engagement ring. Will be storing the old ones away.

He is sooooooo lucky he has a lovely wife like me ;) (yeah right)

Happy Sunday Y'all

I am what I am and what I am needs no excuses

Reply by Board1 on Sun 12 Feb 2012

Morning, I am also off to inflict on myself the savagery of temporary greens and sub zero temperatures... Could they do a film noir version Dave?

Reply by FluffySub on Sun 12 Feb 2012

Good morning, that Dave he's sooooo cool *swoon*

Well it's FSSC so my dogs kindly got me up 3 times last night. So my theme for today is baggy eyed and sleep deprived.

And I read that my housemate and Matchmaker is poorly =-o We'll bring a commode, Carenza, the show must go on ;-)

Loads to do so I better have brekkie and get a move on. Have safe and lovely days, whatever you're up to xxx

Not huffy or stuffy, nor tiny or tall, But fluffy, just fluffy, with no brains at all.

A P Herbert (who obviously knew me well)

Reply by karena on Sun 12 Feb 2012

Morning all, day to sort out stuff in the house. After 3 months back here I really think the final parts of unpacking HAVE to be done!

Not quite what was planned for this weekend, but c'est la vie.

enjoy a restful Sunday, and for all those at FSSC, have a wonderful time :-)


Note to self: just keep smiling..

Reply by dannigirl on Sun 12 Feb 2012

Morning folks

Up at 9 30 this morning cos i was kicked out of bed to go out and get Masters papers !! I am feeling a little better today, had a really negative feeling down day yesterday, could not shift it all day !!

Had a wonderful lie in and morning sex does start the day off well lol

Not sure what we are doing, will decide after Master has finished his brekkie and seen the news.

Sad about Whitney Housten being found dead shows money cant buy you happiness and long life.

Have a great day folks xx:-)xx

So very happy wearing my Masters collar :-)

Reply by Caracal on Sun 12 Feb 2012

Morning all and a cool one it looks too. That giant with the sugar duster has flown over again!

I took some awesome pictures last night, the setting sun over the lights of Southend seafront and the combination of purple and orange skies, silhouetted walkers on the beach, snow and sand in bands and birds bobbing on the pooling waters - inspiration to get out and do more.

First though, I'm pondering on how a Zebra can zip a Lucky Strike - now that I'd love to snap! And is it my green hat he's borrowed?

Have a grand day one and all, the first cauldron of green tea is brewing nicely and I'm planning a weird breakfast - sort of vaguely Spanish/Mexican to include avocado, peppers, tomatoes, scrambled eggs and some chorizo. It's going to be a spicy Sunday :)!

Labels are for jamjars.

The nice lady with the whip.

Everyone has the right to be equal unless and until they choose to relinquish it.

We call it play but it isn't a game - it's people's lives.

Reply by jenevieve on Sun 12 Feb 2012

Morning ish all, well I'm not at FSSC with my partners in crime due to recurrence of old issue. Have had the threatening phonecalls that only your best friends can do! Before ordering me to take it easy go to the doctors and get fixed. I'm lucky in my friends>

Have a good day all :-D

No matter how you try you just can't fix stupid!

"There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats." - Albert Schweitzer