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Sunday WAC hosted by.....

Posted by A_Zebra_Called_Dave on Sun 18 Dec 2011 to A_Zebra_Called_Dave

"That was the wactastic sound of Sir Cliff of Richard and Wired For Sound. Good morning, pop pickers, It's Smashie and my old mucker Nicey here. How are you, my old mucker, Nicey?"

"I'm top of the pops of the morning, Smashie, my old pal and mucker, Smashie, mate, pal....mate."

"That's great to hear, me old mateypal and popadoodling chum. But, if I can just be serious for a moment, Nicey, me old mucker."

"Of course you can, Smashie, me old matey."

"Well, Nicey, it's all about helping those less fortunate than ourselves, my old chum."

"You mean, like charidee, Smashie?"

"Saint Bono of Dublin couldn't have put it better, Nicey, my old mate with the flowing golden locks and deep blue eyes ."

"I know this could sound controversial, Smashie, my old permed lover, but I don't care who's back I put up, I'm going to say it anyway...Charidee, is like good and stuff. There, I've said it"

"Couldn't agree more, Niceykins, my old mate with the full and slightly parted lips. And that's why we've set the studio up here in the WAC kitchen, to offer some charidee to some sad cases."

"Grrrreat, stuff, Smashielicious, my old felattiotastic mucker. Makes me feel all warm and fluffy...Do we actually have to cook for them?"

"No, we enrich their dull and empty lives just by being here, Nicey, my poptastical civil partner...If music be the food of love, then, in the words of Messrs Bachman, Turner and Overdrive; Bbbaby, you aint seen nothing yet.... Let's cook!"

Spots are so last year.

You can lead a horse to water, but a watched kettle is a joy forever.

Reply by jenevieve on Sun 18 Dec 2011

Morning all had a brill nite last nite and should still be asleep.

Huggles for all

Have a good day all :-D

No matter how you try you just can't fix stupid!

"There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats." - Albert Schweitzer

Reply by andrewsean on Sun 18 Dec 2011

Once again, can't sleep so downstairs watching a crap film and drinking Yorkshire tea, if anyone wants to join me there will be toast later.


Reply by dragons_sub on Sun 18 Dec 2011

Just up, poked my nose out and there is a heavy frost, hope some clears before I have to set out for BBB.

Have a nice day y'all


My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.-- Dalai Lama

Women are born angels. And when someone breaks our wings we simply continue to fly ..on a broomstick. Be warned.

Reply by kitty_kat on Sun 18 Dec 2011

Just back from Birmingham... heavy snow in Oldham... boo hiss...

There shall be some major bloggage when I wake up @Jenevieve

I am off to bed :-D Have a great day :*

Domination without submission is when he keeps telling you to do something and you keep telling him to fuck off. Linda

Reply by MissAnnThropist on Sun 18 Dec 2011

Morning all.

I've been up since midnight after having a bit of a bad spell of migraines & seizures, but am going to put the fact I'm up ridiculously early to use: I'm dusting off my CV and applying for jobs again.

Am fuelled with coffee and good intensions.

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday.

I want to hold you close / Skin pressed against me tight

Lie still, and close your eyes, girl / So lovely, it feels so right

I want to hold you close / Soft breasts, beating heart

As I whisper in your ear / I want to f*cking tear you apart

Reply by Board1 on Sun 18 Dec 2011

Celebriddees in the WAC kitchen? How fabulous...

Chilly down south but no snow that I have noticed in brief glance outside! One week to go and counting...

Reply by Minxxey on Sun 18 Dec 2011

Mornings got my full quota of Huggs to last me the week

surprise visit form Bob so am ready to embrace the Christmas spirit and

spread my germs XxxX

:-) :-D snotty Huggs all round :-) :-D

It's nothing shady just a bit of cling film and a big fuck off knife :-D xx

Reply by angelicvixen_MH on Sun 18 Dec 2011

Morning all.

I seem to be deluded this morning as I also opened up,

Blonde moment.

Huggles and cuggles to those that need them and be careful out there in the cold. Still no frost down here but no doubt will hit me when we get to Birmingham next Friday.

Happy Sunday Y'all

I am what I am and what I am needs no excuses

Reply by Outre2 on Sun 18 Dec 2011

Morning all.

Looks bright and crisp outside but have yet to actually go out and test the water, so as to speak. Daughter and family round for Sunday dinner, last for her as a single girl, by next Sunday she will be a Mrs. Think I'll spend most of my day inside with just a brief forage to the supermarket for essential supplies - wine.

Have a lovely day everyone.

Sic itur ad astra

Reply by Rosie_SBT on Sun 18 Dec 2011

angelicvixen_MH wrote:

I seem to be deluded this morning as I also opened up,

Blonde moment.

Perhaps you had whatever the zebra is taking? Whatever it is, it must be very effective =-o

I'm having a canine moment. This involves eating my brekkie as quickly as possible, so I can snuggle down in front of the hot airy heaty thing and warm my paws, cos it is paw-freezy weather here!

I will then help Them eat Their brekkie, if I get the chance ! but otherwise keep warm. A walk would be nice, but I think we will wait until the icy slippy stuff goes. Where does icy slippy stuff go ? There it is, and there it isn't. I don't see it slither off anywhere. Confoozing.

wags to all :-)

I may be collared, but I'm my own Bitch!

Reply by karena on Sun 18 Dec 2011

It really can't be morning!

Last day down south for me, travelling back home tonight, hoping weather will be ok.

Hope you all have a peaceful Sunday

"Sometimes what seems like surrender isn't surrender at all. It's about what's going on in our hearts. About seeing clearly the way life is and accepting it and being true to it, whatever the pain, because the pain of not being true to it is far, far greater." - Nicholas Evans, The Horse Whisperer

Reply by The_Third_Policeman on Sun 18 Dec 2011

Good morning, everybody.

It's a gorgeous day down here; very cold and frosty under an electric blue sky and bright sunshine.

Up to the big green place later to freeze my little socks off as I mis-hit the wee white thing and shudder as the metal bats hit the unforgiving rock hard ground instead of the ball.

I'll nip out in a moment to move the car out of the shade and into a patch of sunshine to defrost it a bit.

Have a grand day, one and all.:)

"Me and Kevin, we're just not the same"

Women are from Reigate, men are from Reigate. Not all of them of course, that would be silly, some are from Pimlico, or Cleethorpes, or that little village in Derbyshire who's name eludes me, or Bridlington, or Weston Super Mare, or Clac....

Reply by flamesdesire on Sun 18 Dec 2011

Woke by giggly girl this morning. I think my neighbours daughter had a slumber party last nite.

Still snuggled in my bed cozy and toasty warm.

Just for a change I had major back problems last nite....enough for the painkillers to come out :(

(((((Hugs)))))) to those that need then....sounds like there are a fair few this morning.

Just think one week from now will be xmas wac


"Take me from this earth an endless night- this, the end of life. From the dark I feel your lips and taste your bloody kiss."

Reply by Caracal on Sun 18 Dec 2011

Morning all.

Thanks for opening up Dave and it'll be interesting watching two blokes in my tiny kitchen!

Christmas wrapping and card writing for me today, got ALL the pressies bar two yesterday so that's good. Got to venture to Dad's later to check the place over and shift a few more bits to the tip.

Right, off to the kitchen for some smashy eggs and nicey bacon.

Reply by Twas_ever_thus on Sun 18 Dec 2011

Just finished off a steaming bowl of porridge.

Now for the final push on the mince pie front - only another 5 dozen required.


Reply by pilsburyDB on Sun 18 Dec 2011

Morning all!

hugs aplenty last night and a new shiny car to mess about in, happy times all round :)

huggs to all

to quote a friend "I have no desire to copulate with giant wobbling fatsacks"

Reply by TheSilverFox on Sun 18 Dec 2011

Morning all... Downer yesterday as iris took a grip again and forced a no-show at f***ed up... :-(

However, was the right decision for me and now feel somewhat better... Day of organising and getting a grip today.

Coffee, bacon and scrambled eggs coming up!! :-)

Let's all play nicely people.. Just remember.. This is meant to be fun!

"The art of being a gentleman is knowing when not to be..."

Reply by Dr_49ish on Sun 18 Dec 2011

Tinsel_Tassled_Tiger wrote:
Morning all... Downer yesterday as iris took a grip again and forced a no-show at f***ed up... :-(

However, was the right decision for me and now feel somewhat better... Day of organising and getting a grip today.

Coffee, bacon and scrambled eggs coming up!! :-)

Iris must have been some woman!!!

Seriously though, there have been some really virulent and nasty viruses doing the rounds. You do need to take it easy to get over them in a reasonable time - something I didnt do, so it lasted a very unpleasant 6 weeks. Hope you are better soon.

Another lie in this morning - could get used to this holiday lark!

White and Christmasy here and children out with their sleds already. Hope it doesnt stay too long though - supposed to on a ferry to Ireland on Wednesday!!!

Have a good one folks!


Reply by geoff917 on Sun 18 Dec 2011

Mornin all, well what a wonderful surprise, celebs in thw WAC kitchen!Better than all those boring other celeb chefs - lol!:)

tree and deccies day today, then out with Rosie and her daughter to collect holly and ivy in the woods, no doubt fez-ants will figure in it somewhere....

Have a good day one and all....

"In order to finish first, you must first finish".....Roger Penske

Reply by Shypeachybottom on Sun 18 Dec 2011

Only just... errr.. woke up... feeling a bit groggy from sleep!

Big cup of tea to wake up.. and think I will go straight to the brunch menu please :-D

Hugs to all :)

There's a somebody I'm longing to see, I hope that he turns out to be, someone to watch over me

I'm a little lamb who's lost in the wood, I know I could always be good, to one who'll watch over me (Ella Fitzgerald, singing George Gershwin)