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Docklands Munch

Posted by DocklandsMunch on Sat 26 Nov 2011 to the Munches web board

Nikki, CoeurDeLion and our mascot Charlie Bear cordially invite you to the Docklands Munch.

In the Grey room of The Ledger Building, West India Quay, London E14 4AL, from 7:30pm until closing every 2nd Monday of the month.

Same room as always, last one on the left before the stairs. Other people occasionally book it, so if we are not in there, just look for Charlie Bear and / or a large group of tables shoved together, in various random shapes.

How to get to the venue by public transport or car with a map, and all sorts of other goodies are on the main website:

Docklands munch is a friendly, chatty sort of munch in a calm atmosphere, just right for newbies and the nervous. We aim to create a friendly non-threatening environment, to just be able to get together and "chew the fat" with other (local?) like minded people.

The pub is a "Lloyd's Bar", so tea, coffee and food are available. The Grey Room has plenty of space, and we seem to accrete tables with style and flare. The whole venue is now non-smoking, smokers are directed to the seating area outside the front of the building. If you do venture out for a smoke, please do remember to not scare the 'nilla patrons.

More details about the pub here:

Dress code? Strictly Vanilla please. The staff sort of know that we are an "internet based social group" doing a R/L event but no more than that, so please use your head.

The "meet and greet" Munch mobiles will be turned on:

Nikki: 07709 854 038

Lionheart: 07941 515 581

So if you want a Natter pre-munch 'cos you are a bit shy, just give one of the munch mobiles a call!

Also, if on the night you get lost trying to find the venue, give us a shout and we can send out the search parties! Once in the venue, grab a drink then just look out for Charlie Bear... as they do move us around sometimes, if the pub gets a prior booking on the room.

Or, if you don't want to hear our dulcet tones... You can also e-mail:

(NB: In the unlikely event that you receive any unwanted hassle whatsoever, please inform us there and then and we will deal with the situation immediately. Don't wait until after the fact, and then moan later!)

Reply by Sister_Graves on Mon 14 May 2012

See you all there soon!