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Who could live it 24/7?

Posted by condemned on Tue 6 Sep 2011 to Upstairs_downstairs

This group has been stagnant for too long so i hope to stimulate some conversation.

Who could give up their life to being in service 24/7?And are there any would be owners here who would contemplate having a 24/7 live in servant/maid?

It could work but there are issues to consider,like cost,potential future or current partners of the owner and what happens to the servant if circumstances change.

If the servant owns a property i guess they could let it out long term and the rent go towards their upkeep in their owners home.

If of a certain age and considered long term unemployed with no property i guess any benefits could contribute to the above.

Of course the owner may be of wealthy means where they could effectively employ the servant as a live in domestic,so legally they were covered.Pay to the servant could be forthcoming or it could just be a paper exercise for the authorities.

An intriguing concept and of course it does happen.People have live in nannies,cooks etcetera but not usually in a bdsm sense,though some of the documenteries i have seen on this subject the poor employee may as well be,lol!

I hope people will contribute to this subject and keep the group active.

Reply by Ms_Eve_White on Fri 16 Sep 2011

If a workable agreement is made before entering into such an arrangement, I do not see any reason why it is any more ( or less) likely to thrive than any other type of relationship which involves living in the same Household as someone else.

Reply by slut_4_service on Thu 22 Sep 2011

i think it depends on the "baggage" you may or may not have - but i think it could work for some.

Reply by Empress_Martine on Tue 4 Oct 2011

Yes,and any previous "baggage" could,if not dealt with,interfere with a twenty four seven relationship.I still wonder if is possible in the twenty first century,to make twenty four seven work. Vampire, pro/lifestyle ts dom/switch.Ageplay mummy/aunty/AB,medical play,domestic,energy, outdoor specialist."Awsome! But whose's look after the country's security? The FBI pull double shifts!"