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Home made equipment ~ Idea Sharing

Posted by pink_arse on Thu 18 Aug 2011 to Do_It_Yourself

I am feeling creative and having been out and about peering into other peoples toy bags past few months I wanted to chare a few ideas on things that can be used in play that are inexpensive, easy to get hold of and can buy at local supermarket / hardware store.

WOULD ALSO APPRECIATE FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE MADE THEIR OWN GEAR IN THE PAST TO ALSO SHARE. Also detils on how to make and/or pictures to copmpliment would be fab.

Firstly some of my ideas:

£ shops are a kinksters best friend where you cna buy bundles of bamboo which can be sanded down and rubbed in linseed oil for nice beggingers canes, also cheap plain candles safe for play and the ice cube tray to cool down lol. my local £ store also sells ''massage balls' or tumble dryer balls which feel nice rolled along the skin.

Not forgetting my latest creation a cheap pair of wooly stretchy gloves (or if feeling posh buy leather ones) then sew/glue fur fabric to one glove and 'claw studs' in the other that arent pressed down to have a nice sharp hand and a smooth one wether your sub has been naughty or nice. possibility is endless with gloves as can use different materials for different sensations even use things like small magnets or metal findings which are weighty and use to give sub a nice heavy handed slap!

Also thanks to the guy who showed me his v. inexpensive tip....

Various lengths of thread laying around home,,,

E.g. string, shoe laces, cord, metal chain,

either bundle together, braid, or leave loose make as thin / thick as you like by choosing number of falls and also length. then just use elastic band or a sandwich bad tie to make a loop at the end... OK so u sacrifice a handle but atleast you cna take it through customs no one is going to ask why you got spare shoe laces and a small ball of string in ya hand luggage!

Any other ideas people have? would appreciate it anything kinky will do form blind folds to will blwon restraint!

Thanks guys

Reply by pink_arse on Fri 19 Aug 2011


Reply by extreme_obedience on Fri 19 Aug 2011

I quite like hacking electronics to be controlled from iPhone etc, or if your really adventerious saws being replaced with less sharp objects for more user friendly objects, hacking vibrators for extra power and speed was successful once. I'm quite geeky in that sense i suppose

Reply by Gawain222 on Sat 3 Mar 2012

See my Profile for details of a handy DIY quirt made from plastic clothesline. In the right surroundings and the right frame of mind, I can get a spiritual experience using this gadget. (from Gawain222)

Reply by Empress_Martine on Sun 4 Mar 2012

With some reasonable wood,nails,vanish and carpentry/diy skills you can make a cheap portable St Andrews cross. pro/lifestyle ts dom/switch."a fragment,Ihad a face on the mirror" Owner of @Pro_Trans_Dommes and @TheTransGroup

Reply by othyim on Sun 4 Mar 2012

Dear OP, thanks for posting.

I would like to say though that this advice: "bundles of bamboo which can be sanded down and rubbed in linseed oil for nice beggingers canes" really isn't a good one.

For a proper cane, one should NEVER use bamboo, but rattan.

Bamboo splinters, is hollow, consists of a sort of grass, and is quite stiff.

Rattan is the inner nerve of a sort of palm leave, it is not hollow, it doesn't splinter, it is very bendable (a good cane should be able to be bended in a circle without breaking), and with good care it will last a lifetime.

"Class is the impartial, consistent display of emotional integrity."

Reply by pink_arse on Sun 4 Mar 2012

I have posted a fair buit on this and I have found alernative things to bamboo etc! I think they maybe rattan based Ive no idea but you know the reeds that u use with oil diffusers they are porous but dont splinter from what I can tell! so I been using those as a bircher! plus I bought one from JAck's Floggers for more intense play as I know it is better quality.

I was thinking once I finish uni I might set up a 'craft' munch where we can gather and share ideas on making things with one theme if you like each munch. I am not sure i am still 'thinking' at the moment but from what I gasther lots of people have DIY'd their fetish gear and i figured it would be a nice play to sit and chat and share ideas!

It is a while off so let me know view here and nearer the time I will make a web board post on it!