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Posted by summberblues on Thu 28 Jul 2011 to brawn_and_bunnies

Well after going to the gym for several years, usual routine would be tredmil and then some resistance training using machines, free weight section would usually be to busy to be used. Told them to stuff their membership a few weeks ago. Do I miss it nah not at all.

So my workouts now are weights for back of shoulders and lats on monday bent over rows etc followed by kickboxing and jiujtisu for cardio.

Tuesdays are now commando fit basically circuit training with lots of running up hills for an hour. would recommend it if your looking for a different workout.

Wednesdays are generally shoulders, various excercises with freeweights and kettlebell, triceps and obliques (sp) and abs.

Thursdays are kickboxing and kenpo and maybe weights depending on how hard the two hours are.

Fridays are weights again generally chest pressing maybe biceps depends how I feel.

Saturday morning is commando fit again pressups, squats etc and running up hills.

Sundays is general work out with kettlebell.

all with a knackered knee snapped ACL and dont know what else but nothing whiskey and painkillers dont fix. knackered shoulder due been able to hyperextend my joints and stretching ligaments in shoulder, and all the other aches and pains hips, ribs.

Reply by summberblues on Mon 1 Aug 2011

83 pressups in 2 mins followed by 84 situps in 2 mins, although not looking forward to having to do that with a timed mils and half run............

Reply by summberblues on Thu 4 Aug 2011

Bugger have to rest from cardio knee is playing up again worst pain I have been in although it was from a different areas in the knee, a week of rest and ice then will book some physio hopefully that will sort it if not it means surgery which just isnt an option. It also means no kickboxing no jiujitsu and no cardio training for a week or more, bugger arse tits. Oh wel looks like the calories will have to drop to compensate yoghurts and bananas for lunch and well can still do weights just have to increase reps and different excercises, bugger bugger bugger. On the plus side if surgery is needed I am fit and healthy enough which should mean a quick recovery. again bugger bugger bugger.