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Electric fly swat, to (tame) Cattle prod

Posted by Muzzlehatch on Mon 18 Jul 2011 to Do_It_Yourself

Just made my first one. Here's how I did it. Took about 1/2 hour. Parts list. Electric fly swat (from Poundland), two old 13amp plugs, some filler, paint (optional) and two AA batteries.

Took apart an electric fly swat. Removed one wire from the terminal that has two coming from it, leave the other wires intact. Took apart two standard three pin plugs (Like most people, I have a box/drawer of old plugs). Took the two neutral pins (blue wire), from the plugs, and connected them to the remaining fly swat wires. Now, I found some old epoxy filler in a box. Nothing to stop you using car body filler, whatever comes to hand. Set the connected pins slightly protruding from the end of the handle, in the epoxy filler. Screw the two parts of the handle together, smooth out the filler. Colour it to match the handle if you wish. Put batteries in, press the button, and move it towards something metal. I got a satisfying spark, and an audible 'crack'.

Stick it on the palm of your hand, so you know what it feels like. Then phone up the subbie! :)

Owner of The Croppery Dungeon and Breakfast. Organises The St Leonards munch.

Reply by KinkyRoly on Mon 18 Jul 2011

The other way to convert it into a device like a cattle prod is to get a male two pin plug as used for electric lawn mowers.

Depending on the shape of the fly swat's handle, you can either use the entire plug assembly, or just the inner part with the two pins. You'll probably need to either carefully trim the handle to fit, or else use epoxy filler to neatly join the two together.

The end result is a very neat electric prod and it's dirt cheap too.

Reply by Muzzlehatch on Mon 18 Jul 2011

Not argueing at all. In fact if I had a two pin plug from a lawn mower to hand I would have used that. :)

Using the neutral pins from a 13amp plug, does come with the advantage that no soldering is required. The wires from the fly swat can be screwed straight into the pins.

Owner of The Croppery Dungeon and Breakfast. Organises The St Leonards munch.

Reply by KinkyRoly on Tue 19 Jul 2011

It wasn't an argument, just an alternative approach. There are quite a few types of connector that can be perverted in this way. My scrap box has quite a selection of promising parts.

The two pin garden lead plugs have screw connections too and if you wish, you can get female connectors the plug in the end to make either extensions or convertors. The size is very convenient for our purposes.

Reply by leopard99 on Tue 19 Jul 2011

Yet another approach uses the 2 pin garden plug suggested by KinkRoly but dispenses with the electric flyswat entirely. Instead just use a length of ordinary 2 core flex and a 13A plug. This has the disadvantage of needing a mains socket:)

Disclaimer: Anyone damn fool enough to be taking my advice at face value deserves the murder charge, Darwin Award or black and crispy sub.

Reply by SirOpenSource on Thu 21 Jul 2011

I'm sure I saw this on Blue Peter some while back!


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Reply by T5Tart on Thu 21 Jul 2011

SirOpenSource wrote:
I'm sure I saw this on Blue Peter some while back!


cant be this one no sticky back plastic or cornflakes box in sight ....

Reply by (deleted) on Thu 21 Jul 2011


Reply by Happy_Monkey_J on Fri 22 Jul 2011

Excellent post. I'll get me one of these...

Dominating a doormat is like wrestling a hamster. One sided, dull and not worth bragging about...

Reply by J_o_sh on Sat 23 Jul 2011

I have one of these which I adapted in a similar way, really effective and great fun without breaking the bank.

Reply by juantastic on Sat 23 Jul 2011

Another variation on the theme is the 2 pin Euro plugs. Hard to get hold of if you don't already have them, but chances are you have one or two kicking around that you know you'll never use. You can always take a UK to EU travel adapter if you go abroad.

Cut away the soft, rubberised plastic outer, and what you get is two pins in a hard plastic moulding, almost exactly the right shape and size to go in the end of one of the swatters (well the Maplin ones at least.) You can solder for robustness or just twist the wires together if you're not so bothered.

I've made two like this so far (actually, the first one used a 3 pin Euro plug because that was all I had to hand at the time. It made the job a lot more difficult.)

Bear in mind with these things that contact size and gap both affect the shock value, with smaller contacts and smaller gaps intensifying the effect. It might be worth experimenting to find the best configurations.

Reply by Tanos on Fri 5 Aug 2011

"Flyprod" with removeable extension, using mains flex connectors.


Reply by pink_arse on Thu 18 Aug 2011

Ok so i haeard about these from someone at LFF and would love one however,,,, I lack tools and knowledge with electrics! any offers?