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wooden turned handles

Posted by idonna on Wed 4 May 2011 to Do_It_Yourself

I guess I could source them for no more than £7, possibly less

what am I looking for?

weigth? hole in the middle - how big?

how do you secure leather inside one?

It would be nice to have them similar design - but that's nice to have

I can order them and sent over to UK.

Reply by BlackThistle on Tue 6 Mar 2012

Greetings I have just recently been looking at what the site has to offer and came across this post, unfortunately time has passed, if only I had seen this, I do woodturning, and have made my own bespoke handles as seen in my profile, the pommels are of a cobalt blue, a type of alternate stone made from polyester resin, and turned in the same manner as timber,

With mine two holes had been drilled, on to take the gathered leather which was drilled into the handle about 1 inch, the other hole was drilled through the full handle using a inch drill, this is to let cord pass through, once the holes had been drilled through the handle and the finish had been applied varnish or what ever you choose, lol remembering to let it dry, the falls are laid out and tied in the centre using about 16 inches of cord remembering to use the centre of the cord not the end, pull it tight to gather them together forming the flogger ends,

Using the cord thread it through the handle and if necessary apply some glue if you need to to secure the falls into the handle, the cord ends can be used as a wrist band so that during play your hand can be free, or just as something to hang the flogger by,

On mine I used the same method, but used the pommel to hide the knot, as I said just sorry I didn't see this group before hand, if you need a better explanation you know where I am,