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Pricky Bra

Posted by othyim on Mon 2 May 2011 to Do_It_Yourself


* Two (cheap) bra's; one (sports?)bra, prefarably smooth and made of a thin fabric (not lace) that is the actual size of the victim, and one padded bra that is 1 cup size larger. (Note: not the underbust size, just the cup size needs to be adjusted. If your victim has size 80-C, the first bra should have that size, the padded one should be 80-D)

* A box of approximately one centimer long small nails with relatively large heads, the ones that are normally used for classic furniture opholstery. Dont use pins (too sharp and too short).

* Super glue or one-second glue

* Textile glue

* Needle and thread, scissors.

* 6 or 8 small copper triangle shaped little hooks that are normally used for hanging small paintings.

* One very tiny padlock (max 2 cm.).

* A can of disinfectant spray

How to:

Cut the two cups out of the first bra carefully. Make sure you dont remove the brackets, if any; use the entire cups. Add a generous amount of nails, pointing inwards, in the two cups, use the super glue/one second glue to make sure that each nail stays in place, and cant "retreat". The best way to do this is to drop a single drop of superglue on the outside of the cup, and immediately afterwards put a nail through the fabric at that spot.

When you are pleased with the amount of nails, glue both the prepared cups into the padded bra, using the textile glue on the inside of the padded bra. The padding is important, cause it prevents the nails to retreat, and it also makes the nails invisible (even under a tight top), so the bra can be worn at vanilla occasions too. Furthermore, sew the edges of both the cups together.

Sew the triangle-shaped copper devices (that are normally used for paintings) on the back of the bra; they usally come with a small copper part that already has 2 holes in it. Use 3 or 4, in an overlapping way, on both ends of the closure at the back of the bra, starting at the first conventional hook. Thus, using the small padlock, you can adjust the pressure/tightness of the bra.

Safety note: Since there is a chance to draw (tiny amounts of) blood, make sure you spray the inside of the bra thouroughly with the desinfectant before and after using it.

Possibilities: Endless. Especially the fact that it can be used in a vanilla setting (think big hugs here) and the fact that it *can* be locked are nice.... But also, the impact of a beating, whilst wearing the bra is, um, interesting.

"Class is the impartial, consistent display of emotional integrity."

Reply by Games_Master on Fri 1 Jul 2011

Love this, thank you for sharing.