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MP3 Players in the Gym

Posted by Hooded_Claw on Sat 30 Apr 2011 to brawn_and_bunnies

How important is your MP3 player or phone whilst you are working out? Also, what kind of music do have playing on it? mine is so important to me and I'd would not have got to the stages I'm at without it. Love my Ipod. Is that sad? :-)

Reply by pilsburyDB on Sat 30 Apr 2011

Essential for me on all my big lifts! Personal best on my bench today listening to pantera! :)

A council house short of being a chav!

Reply by kinkyclover on Sat 30 Apr 2011

I need to get better workout music, so curious to see what others work out to?

Its not begging....Its saying please very politely :-p Its not bratty...its colourful :-D

Reply by pilsburyDB on Sat 30 Apr 2011

For heavy lifts I always listen to mettalica, pantera, Marilyn Manson, rage against the machine, prodigy and the like...

For cardio it's drum and bass, trance and anything with a heavy repetitive beat :)

A council house short of being a chav!

Reply by mistertulip on Sat 30 Apr 2011

I can live without audio when lifting but cardio is too boring to contemplate without tunes.

At the moment I'm listening to Robert Ullrey's couch to 5k podcasts which is working fine. I've also just joined Nike+ to log my runs and daily walks.

Reply by Kyuubi on Sun 1 May 2011

Fluctuates between Marilyn Manson and Linkin Park for weights

Pendulum for running atm

Reply by elle_of_a_cheek on Tue 3 May 2011

Music is crucial for my card - love underworld, prodigy, kings of Leon , maximo park etc - anything lively but especially selected underworld and prodigy stuff for the elliptical stepper - great for keeping the revs up ! For weights I guess I go a little slower - I like something with a hefty base to help with the power ! Also have a fab app on the I phone where I can track all food and exercises - it's brilliant !! It's call My Fitness Pal and you should give it a try if you don't already have one .


Reply by DaysOfDecadence on Tue 31 May 2011

I couldn't train without my iphone & Spotify app. I've got a 4 hour playlist including warm up and cool down tracks. It builds up to frantic hard dance for cardio and heavier stuff for strength.

Stimulus is processed between the ears, not the thighs

Reply by TheSouthernLady on Sat 20 Oct 2012

I usually prefer to train in silence so I can focus without any distractions.

Gyms always have music though so if I have to have music during training

70lb bag &/or 100lb bag &/or foot work: Immediate Music-Europa (instrumental)

Pads/70lb bag: Batman The Animated Series Sound Track

Shuttles: Pink Floyd-Run

Tag the bag: Warren Zevon-Hit somebody

Reply by ninjaspacemonkey on Sun 28 Oct 2012

i just use my phone ;)

Don't piss me off or I'm going dogging!