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Mistresses Lucrezia & Juno: SM activists speak out

Posted by C_A_A_N on Tue 29 Jun 2010 to C_A_A_N's blog

Message from David of Spanner Trust - concerning the support which may be needed for Mistresses Lucrezia and Juno, who are currently under arrest following the sad death of Robin Mortimer. All involved are being disrespected and demonised by media outlets spreading and instigating prejudice, so I won't be adding to the problem by giving readers links here to any of it. This message is also available on a non BDSM website at feel free to share widely.

"This in indeed a sad case from both sides.

I happen to know Mistress Lucrezia and in fact her daughter. They are both wonderful and vibrant people well skilled and professional about their approach to SM.

Having chatted with close friends over the weekend I am a little better clued up as to what may have occurred and yes the papers have got the fundamentals of the incident rather wrong.

I suspect we will be seeing a statement and request for assistance or information in this matter appearing in the next few days which I would encourage all to discuss and see if they can help with this matter.

In the meantime we should try and focus on the facts of the issue rather than speculation and reading what we see reported in the papers as it is rarely accurate regardless of the width of the paper its printed on.

It is a sad day whenever there is a loss connected with SM but hopefully the facts will help to clear the matter up although I would not hold by breath for a reprint of the accurate facts.



We won't be publishing any incorrect facts here and we're ready to share further information and help rally support when the time comes.

Once again - if the family of Mr Mortimer see this message: if you need support or counselling which respectfully covers matters relating to alternative sexuality, we can confidentially put you in touch with people who can help and are here if you need us.

In solidarity and with respect,

Clair Lewis (Dennis Queen) Convenor Consenting Adult Action Network

once again press can talk to us at for further comment from CAAN, or message me direct.

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