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Book published by CAAN

Posted by C_A_A_N on Thu 17 Jun 2010 to C_A_A_N's blog

Beyond the Circle

The book is an exploration of discrimination practice based on sexuality in the UK and is a fairly easy going, interesting read.

Its also a pretty good overall guide to the law in the UK in this area and contains a section of case studies of people who's lives have been adversely affected by being involved in alternative sexualities.

Its written by Jane Fae (who used to write as John Ozimek).

Order details are on the link above or the books are starting to do the rounds of BDSM events.

If anyone from outside the UK wants to order one you'll have to get in touch with CAAN directly via to find out about postage rates. (or if you run an event in the UK and want to sell some, special bulk rates and/or speakers on the subject are possible to arrange).

And if you've already read it we'd love your feedback.

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