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Preserving old profile text

Posted by The_Slave_Forum on Wed 17 Mar 2010 to The_Slave_Forum

Nowt to see here folks...

Welcome to The Slave Forum.

This is used primarily as an ongoing weblog for those with a genuine (positive!) interest in slavery, where we can discuss and support with no fear of ridicule.

If it all works, I am hoping there will be a number of us contributing and sharing and ensuring that it remains a safe, open place to be. For further explanation, please follow this link...

Code of Conduct

We can put links, pics, blogs relevant to slavery in all forms on here...the only "rule" will be that people who want to mock or attack or dismiss will not be welcome, or able to post on here. This will work by only network being allowed to post. The network requests will be open invite, but if you post in a way that is extremely unhelpful, moderators will remove you from the network. Not talking exclusivity here...just sensitivity, please.

Joining Instructions

If you would like to be a named moderator and assist with T_S_F, please memo Adverse_Camber

If you would like to join the group and post on here, invite this profile to join your online network. Thank you!

Contributing to the blogs

Once you have joined the online network (your request will be acknowledged as soon as possible!), you can begin posting. You can respond to existing threads, or start your own by going to T_S_F blog page and clicking on the "new post" button.

Keep up with current posts by subscribing to the Forum blog...go to the blog page and click on "subscribe".

Otherwise, look at Weblogs, Groups on the left of your screen, latest posts are visible from there.

Ongoing Pages
  • Quick Questions: Want to know something, but don't feel like writing a blog? Type your question on this page and if any Forum member has an answer, suggestion, link...they can quote your question and post a response.
  • Suggestions Box: Post short suggestions on this page...if possible, they will be followed.
  • The Slave Market: Memo T_S_F if you are seeking a Master/Mistress, your profile name will be kept private and you will be given a market number. A brief description of you and what you seek will then be posted on this page. "Buyers" can then memo T_S_F to express interest, again preserving privacy. T_S_F will then act as the middle-person to set up Ownership negotiations.
  • Pictures: Forthcoming. If you have M/s related pics that you would like to place on this profile, memo T_S_F and we will set up a secure exchange of pics, with release forms. Only your own images please! They can be of you, bondage, discipline, equipment, images of places related to slavery...
  • The Naked Gardener List: NEW!!! Please memo T_S_F to express an interest in being placed on The List, or the gardener direct if you require their services.

    Forum Moderators

    At present:

    Chariots_Rise is the very competent, dedicated main caretaker with

    Adverse_Camber - overseeing

    We are currently seeking additional moderators, please contact C_R or A_C directly if you would like to be put on a Consideration List.

    It is very important that this is a space which belongs to ALL of us, so please do get involved if this is where your interests lie.

    Thank you for your time, please join if you would like to...And to those of you who are already members of The_Slave_Forum, here's wishing us all a long and fruitful exchange of ideas.

  • Please click here to enter The Slave Market to view slave auction lots and potential Owners