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An apology...

Posted by The_Slave_Forum on Thu 4 Mar 2010 (modified Fri 5 Mar 2010) to The_Slave_Forum

to all those of you who are waiting to be placed on The Slave Market. My heart's just not been in it lately, on a personal level. Ok, here's the thang...seem to have misplaced some request memos. First ten potential slaves to memo this profile with some basic details will be on the Market by 13:00 on Friday...

I guess, like anything new, this journey for me has been such a steep learning curve. I thought I knew so much...then discovered I knew nothing. I thought I knew me...then found that I was utterly different. I thought I had found the "dynamic"...for every aspect, start to finish, to be revealed as nothing but a series of elaborate fabrications.

So I guess I have a load more learning/growing/changing to do, but hey, that's what life's about, isn't it?

I will place the Lots on the Market, will try to catch up, but c_r really copes with all of the rest of it now. I am so grateful to her and cannot say enough how much all her hard work and quiet, consistent support has meant to me.

To the rest of you...may I please remind you that you can blog on here in relative privacy...only T_S_F profile posts are shown on the main blog board, which is why this can be seen. Please use this space to share with each other and support each other...going it alone isn't always the best way. Only network members can create/post on the blogs.

Update: Nary a one...which is cool cos I'm off now for just over a week of loadsa kinky fun and frolics! :-D If anyone has any Market business, I will deal with it on my return. Seeya soon!

Take care

A_C x

(edited for innaccuracy...blerch)

Please click here to enter The Slave Market to view slave auction lots and potential Owners

Reply by Adverse_Camber on Fri 5 Mar 2010

Just responding to myself from my own profile, in case anyone missed update above.

I am now off for just over a week and won't be near IC much at all...Toooooo much other fun to be had ;)

So if anyone does have any Market business, please memo me on my own profile and I will deal with it on my return, sometime after 12th March.

Take care and have fun all!!!

A_C x

"I see the shooting stars falling through your trembling hands..."