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why I desire the connection?

Posted by MissTee on Fri 23 Oct 2009 to The_Slave_Forum

is the question I keep asking with regards for my need of a female slave, no matter how many male subs, i come across there is a missing gap a certain connection that i feel when playing with women, it is almost a devouring sense, a feeling that you can go inside a female and find joining point that explodes beyond all else, yes I still am attracted to men and wonder why but it just is so. I often expect more from women, which i know is not fair, yet I feel they have that capability and the urge to be as close as human beings can be, it appears to frighten them less,even if it takes a good length of time to achieve. So unfortunately nothing to deep or even an answer just an open reaction to searching for a wonderous thing.

ignore me i left the horse tied up out back and my dog is looking for a tree.

Reply by Chariots_Rise on Sun 25 Oct 2009

I don't think that the *why* matters, really.

From the little you have said it seems clear that a female submissive offers you something that you need, fulfills something in you.

Whether that's about a deeper emotional connection than you have thus far found with a male submissive is neither here nor there it seems to me.

If your needs are being met (whatever they may be) you are going to be a happier, more content woman and Domme; that will be transmitted to your submissive who will herself be a happier, more content woman and submissive.

Connection and fulfillment are always far stronger and deeper when they flow in both directions rather than just in one.

Don't worry about the *why*......just enjoy.

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