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Memories of one of my slaves from the dungeon.

Posted by Joanna_Lark on Fri 16 Oct 2009 to Joanna_Lark's blog

Here is just a short story - very fresh slave wants to share his experience from the dungeon (under my heel of course;)): "The Great Saturday – my first session as a photo- slave of Mistress Joanna Lark. It all began when I met Mistress Joanna at a training session of Club Pedestal. That night I felt that Mistress Joanna is the kind of Mistress every slave wants to spend life serving. The way she look, talk and act is great, and that day I felt something like spark between me and Her. She requested my contact number, and after few days she rang me. When I saw Her name on my mobile I felt that I am the luckiest person ever… That day was my lucky day, when Mistress Joanna gave me the honor of being Her slave at the dungeon photo session for Aishling Morgan's latest book – the beginners guide to kinky sex. We made all the arrangements about our meeting on That Saturday and She asked me to be at Her place at 11am. However, the transport on that day was totally mad and I reached Her house at 12:00. When I rang Her bell after being late, She ordered me to kneel down in front of Her house and to wait until She let me in which was the first public humiliation I've ever had. After that I had to apologize and kiss Her feet until She forgave me, then we moved together towards the Barnet Bastille. On the tube I had a feeling that all the people were looking at me while I was carrying two big bags and walking behind the greatest Mistress On The Earth. Once we reached the dungeon, the adventure of my life began. I helped Mistress Joanna to wear Her famous dominatrix boots and She put on me the head harness with mask - and I was ready to be fully at Her service. It was my first session in the dungeon ever, plus I knew I was there to be photographed, was feeling very nervous, but knowing that She was around I squeezed out of me the rest of courage (well – with Her and Her toys great help).

It all started when Mistress Joanna “told me” to get into the cage using Her crop, and then She lifted the whole cage up which made me feeling like nothing more than pathetic slave hanged in cage begging for Her mercy. Baron Morgan, taking the pictures had great intuition. He managed to pick up the best captures of my Mistress. All I had to do was trying to entertain Her and listen to the commands. The best time in my life continued when Mistress Joanna fixed me on the cross and started to flog and crop me. Awaiting each flog was something I can't describe in words, it was something like electricity in my body, I was happy and all I wanted was to cry and kneel down in front of Mistress Joanna and kiss Her hand and Her foot and to beg Her to consider me as Her slave for the rest of my life. But all I could kiss after I was freed from the cross was Her dildo positioned right in front of my face. The same electricity was moving in my body when Mistress Joanna forced me to kneel on a chair having my head and hands trapped and then she started to flog me with difference things which I wasn't able to see, but I was able to recognize them from the pain they caused. Stocks were followed by objectification, where I continued the best job of my life being foot stool for Her Majesty Joanna Lark. When I could feel Her high heels on my back, I was ready to be Her foot stool forever. After our dungeon photo session has finished, I helped Mistress Joanna to take off Her boots and gave her a foot massage at the entrance to the Barnet Bastille, in front of other people (it was the dungeon's opening day) which was the second part of my public humiliation series. To share the feelings from That Day - I just want to tell everyone that in the middle of this session I felt something strange, something new, something I can't describe. I felt so weak in front of Her Majesty Joanna, and when She was walking around me I felt as if I was near a fire, literally I felt the heat of Her around me, I felt that I am kneeling in front of someone great, someone from heaven, someone Almighty. Slave Koki P.S. Pictures from my first session at"