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Protest against "Rape" Porn censorship law, London, 16 Dec '13 (21 Nov)
Submissive But Not Your Submissive (16 Sep)
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BDSM Rights Flag

BDSM Rights Flag

BDSM Rights Flag

The BDSM Rights Flag is intended to represent the belief that people whose sexuality or relationship preferences include Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, or Sadism and Masochism ("BDSM") deserve the same human rights as everyone else, and should not be discriminated against for pursuing BDSM with consenting adults.

The flag is inspired by the Leather Pride Flag and Quagmyr's BDSM Emblem, but is specifically intended to represent the concept of BDSM Rights and to be without the other symbols' restrictions against commercial use. It's designed to be recognisable by people familiar with either the Leather Pride Flag or BDSM Triskelion (or Triskele) as "something to do with BDSM"; and to be distinctive whether reproduced in full colour, or in black and white (or another pair of colours.) See our Other Symbols page for a discussion of the various BDSM and Leather emblems.

If you support the above statement on human rights and anti-discrimination, you may use the BDSM Rights Flag design on your own websites, publications, T-shirts, mugs, whatever - whether for personal use or for commercial gain.

We believe that BDSM vendors, event organisers and publishers are an important part of the various BDSM communities, and that anything they do which publicises the idea of BDSM Rights should be encouraged. You do not need to ask our permission to use the design or the image files we make available.

How to show your support

Using the BDSM Rights Flag image and explaining what it means promotes the idea of BDSM Rights. We have free prebuilt flag images for you to use, and scalable SVG files you can use to make images of any size.

On a website or a publication, the best way to publicise BDSM Rights is to link to this site with its list of BDSM Rights campaigns and organisations.

Flag images you can use yourself

You can save the following premade images for your own use - including commercial use. In most browsers, just click on the image and then choose Save As from your File menu.