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Conservatives promise to ban FetLife etc from UK if elected (4 Apr)
YKIOK: Your Kink Is OK (22 Feb)
"No place in our society": Paul Goggins has died (8 Jan)
Protest against "Rape" Porn censorship law, London, 16 Dec '13 (21 Nov)
Submissive But Not Your Submissive (16 Sep)
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BDSM activism and news topics in the UK and the rest of the world, within the ethical framework of Informed Consent.

The Informed Consent Principle is that BDSM requires the freely given informed consent of all participants; that participants should make genuine efforts to reach a shared awareness of risks and consequences; that if consent is given under duress or is invalidated by mental incapacity or intoxication then it is not legitimate; and that BDSM with this informed consent should not be criminalised or lead to discrimination.

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Most of these updates also appear on the IC feeds on Twitter, on FetLife, and are discussed in the IC group on FetLife.

4 Apr 15   Conservatives promise to ban FetLife etc from UK if elected

ISPs will have to ban foreign sites with pornography if they do not verify age of visitors: [more...]

22 Feb 14   YKIOK: Your Kink Is OK

"Your Kink Is OK" was one of the best features of the old newsgroup. It was a warm and reassuring message for new people, an ethical guide, and an attempt to create an open space where people could talk about BDSM without being slammed for it. FetLife could do with a dose of all that. [more...]

8 Jan 14   "No place in our society": Paul Goggins has died

Paul Goggins MP, the original architect of Labour's extreme pornography law which criminalises possession of some BDSM images showing consenting adults, has died. It was Goggins who used the "no place in our society" phrase: [more...]

21 Nov 13   Protest against "Rape" Porn censorship law, London, 16 Dec '13

Josh writes: "David Cameron's most recent attempt at banning porn altogether for the UK public is set to take effect in January 2014. However, this pornography ban will not take the form of Internet Service Providers just censoring those sites (Internet filters, BBC, 2013) but will come with a maximum THREE YEAR PRISON SENTENCE to anybody caught in possession of or watching porn depicting simulated consensual non-consent sex." [more...]

16 Sep 13   Submissive But Not Your Submissive

On one hand, it's as simple as that: don't treat me like you have any power over me or that i have any duty to obey you. On the other hand perhaps you just didn't know that. Perhaps you thought that the best way to bag your own submissive was to show them and the world just how dominant you can be with any lowly submissive you come across... It doesn't really work like that. [more...]

7 Jun 13   More calls to criminalise possession of "rape" pornography

Anti-porn campaigners are exploiting recent cases to try to get a ban on possession of images that appear to show non-consensual sex (including staged scenes) applied to England, Wales, and Northern Ireland too: [more...]

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